WOODZ Reveals He Once Got Upset At PENTAGON’s Kino During Their Trainee Days

“I’m really sorry.”

On the latest podcast episode of UNBOXING w/ JINJIN & KINO, WOODZ appeared as a special guest! In the episode, PENTAGON‘s Kino, ASTRO‘s JinJin, and WOODZ discussed their long friendship as well as some intriguing predebut stories!

In the podcast, the three asked each other whether they had been to a school field trip before debuting as idols. JinJin replied he had the chance right before entering his company and WOODZ shared, “I went to one in the 1st grade.

Kino attended the same field trip as WOODZ and commented that he remembered the field trip included a talent show. Hilariously, Kino suddenly remembered that he and WOODZ did not do the talent show together. 

We did a talent show there. You (WOODZ) and I didn’t do it together.

— Kino

WOODZ gave a teasing glare at Kino and stated that it was an overall upsetting event for him. WOODZ stated, “I mean, there was an upsetting event for me.

The things is, I was close with Hyung Gu (Kino’s real name) and Yugyeom (GOT7) even before the school trip. We danced like this. The two were trainees in the same company. So they danced well. However, I was standing far from them. And amazed by them. Suddenly, they said they knew the dance.


WOODZ continued and explained because Kino and Yugyeom had their dance down and WOODZ had not practiced it yet, the two decided to do the talent show without him.

I had enought time to practice before the school trip. Then they decided to do it by themselves. So I was very upset.

— Kino

WOODZ expressed his disappointment in it all and that he ended up dancing with another group of friends who are now well-known idols: AB6IX‘s Woong and Yoojung of OnlyOneOf.

I thought it would be cool if the three of us did it. Then they left me out…So I did a group stage with others.


Kino adorably laughed in embarrassment and expressed how sorry he was. Kino explained his side of the story and claimed it wasn’t anything against WOODZ at all.

I heard that he was upset for the first time in 9 years. It’s the first time I’m hearing this, and I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. It was simply because Yugyeom and I knew a dance. So we said, ‘Wanna do it on the show?’ ‘Let’s do it!’

— Kino

The two went back and forth with WOODZ asking why he didn’t ask him to join and Kino providing an answer. WOODZ also added that he wanted to tell them he could learn the dance fast but had too much pride: “I wanted to say I can learn it but I had pride.

The two finally calmed down from their teasing and WOODZ and Kino assured the viewers it’s all just good memories from their trainee days.

Check out the video below: