“The World of The Married” Actress Han So Hee Began Acting For One Reason And One Reason Only

And look how far it got her!

As the hit K-Drama The World of The Married comes to an end, K-Drama fans are rushing to find out more about the stellar cast of the show.

And in light of her incredibly convincing portrayal of the mistress Yeo Da Kyung, actress Han So Hee continues to receive a tremendous amount of attention!

Han So Hee as Yeo Da Kyung in “The World of The Married”

Most fans grew curious as to what led her to pursue acting. As her previous interviews revealed, Han So Hee found the inspiration to debut from her grandmother — to whom she is extremely close.

My parents worked, so they were busy. I was raised by my grandmother since I was 5 years old. My grandmother is the one who came to all my school events. She is everything to me. She is the one who motivates me to live on.

— Han So Hee

And as her grandmother had one wish, to see Han So Hee on television, Han So Hee inevitably became intrigued.

Han So Hee as a clothing model

My grandmother has always loved watching the TV. So… naturally, she started wanting to see me on the television. Growing up with her, I would constantly hear her talk about it. And it slowly got me thinking about what it would actually be like to be on TV. That’s how the dream chase started for me.

— Han So Hee

She began with baby steps in modeling. Though she struggled with financial hardship in the beginning — and at times had to work different gigs to make ends meet — she did not give up on chasing her and her grandmother’s dream.

After debuting, it solidified for me. I want to act because it is something I have become passionate about doing. Reaching a peak as an actress has become a life goal for me as well.

— Han So Hee

Now she is a renowned actress with all eyes on her future. Fans, like her grandmother too, can’t wait to see more of Han So Hee on television!

Source: Sports World and Hankyung