“The World of The Married” Supporting Actor Jung Joon Won Under Fire After His Alleged Facebook Posts Go Viral

“Um… Wouldn’t this be illegal…???”

The World of The Married‘s supporting actor Jung Joon Won, for the role of Cha Hae Kang — who is a best-friend-turned-enemy for the troubled son Lee Joon Young (played by actor Jeon Jin Seo), has gone under fire for his alleged Facebook posts.

Actor Jung Joon Won as Cha Hae Kang in “The World of The Married”

Jung Joon Won, born 2004, is 15 years old (though 17 in “Korean age”). But his Facebook posts show him hanging out with friends, alongside multiple soju bottles on the table — hinting that he may have been drinking.

This is great.

— Jung Joon Won

He also shared a picture of his friends smoking — and though he personally isn’t captured in this photo…

Well done, guys.

— Jung Joon Won

… he did post a Facebook story trying to sell a used e-cigarette.

Who wants to buy?

— Jung Joon Won

Korean netizens are shocked by the possibility of this rising underage actor’s “delinquency“…

  • “Um… Wouldn’t this be illegal…???”
  • “Wait, didn’t he debut really young though? Does he not want to keep acting, or…?”
  • “This would be upsetting coming from an adult actor… So for it to come from a teen… Wow.”
  • “How even old is a 04-liner??? Isn’t he a baby? What does he think he is doing!”
  • “I’m confused. He’s been in the industry since like 2011, as far as I know. Did he think posting stuff like this wouldn’t matter? Or that he wouldn’t get caught?”

… and demand that Jung Joon Won clarifies himself. The actor is yet to respond.

Source: THEQOO and Nate Pann