World’s Largest YouTuber Pewdiepie Reveals His K-pop Bias

Pewdiepie is the biggest YouTuber in the world with 50 million followers. In a recent vlog, he visited Koreatown and showed his love for K-pop.

In another example of how K-Pop is taking over the world, Pewdiepie, the most followed YouTuber in the world, paid tribute to some of Korea’s biggest stars in one of his more recent vlogs.

During a brief segment in Santa Monica’s Koreatown, Pewdiepie entered a Korean record shop and proclaimed that G-Dragon is his favorite idol. He then proceeded to perform his own rendition of “Crooked” before he was interrupted by his video partner, Brad.

Pewdiepie went on to mimic Song Joong Ki‘s pose on the 7 Days Mask box, as well as Jimin and Rap Monster‘s facial expressions on their Epilogue merchandise.

Watch Pewdiepie’s adventure in Koreatown below!