Here Are 7 Behind-The-Scene BTS Moments From The 2019 KBS Song Festival

Fans are loving all the behind-the-scene interactions with fans!

On December 27, BTS attended the 2019 KBS Song Festival and performed five great performances. Here are a few moments that were caught behind-the-scenes that have fans squealing with joy.




The first moment is when V realized he was dancing too far away from the other members. He then runs quickly over to the group and gets into his position as if nothing happened.




The second moment is when Jungkook starts coughing and looks for water. V and J-Hope help Jungkook by receiving water from fans and giving it to Jungkook. Thanks to their teamwork, Jungkook was able to drink some water.





The third moment is when RM is seen leaning over from the sofa. Many were curious as to what RM was saying to the fans behind the sofa. Fans were touched that RM took the time to take care of the fans that were behind the set and couldn’t see the performance well.





The fourth moment was of Jimin helping RM find his position for the performance. He also didn’t forget to wave and say hi to fans along the way.





The fifth moment was of J-Hope dancing. This little ray of sunshine continued to do cute little dance moves and put smiles on fans’ faces.





The sixth moment was when Jungkook had something to say to the fans but his mic was turned off. He tapped the mic signaling that the mic was off and for someone to turn it back on for him. When the mic finally turned back on, he was able to say what he wanted to ARMYs.





The last moment was when all the members started their own dance session during Song Ga In’s performance. Suga was the only one that stayed still until V came over and started twirling him around.






Even though BTS is known to be a world class artist, they were able to enjoy their performance and have a good time with their fans. Fans cannot wait to see what they have in store for 2020!




Watch their full performance below!