X1’s Album Merchandise Gets Backlash For Looking Like EXO’s Old Teasers

Some are saying it’s copied, some are saying it’s not.

On August 21, 2019, X1 teased fans with what they could get if they purchase their album “QUANTUM LEAP.”

Though many fans expressed excitement over the album and the things it contains, some people noticed similarities between the photos used for the photocards and the air-kit with EXO‘s old teasers for “XOXO”.

X1’s photocards feature the boys together, forming an arrow.

The air-kit features them in an X position.

EXO’s teasers for “XOXO” is similar, as the boys are seen in positions that end up spelling EXO. Specifically, the “E” and the “X” positions the members of EXO made has major resemblance with X1’s photos.

Many are saying that they’ve only seen EXO with that type of photographs, and many wonder if X1 is trying out the same concept since it does look similar. Even those who aren’t fans of the group are commenting on the uncanny resemblance.

I don’t care about both, but I think it’s the same…

– Korean Netizen

Others are upset that people are bringing this up now, with many believing it’s only being done to cause a controversy.

Source: TheQoo