Korea Now Has A Xiumin Themed Subway Line Ready For Action

The best subway train around!

EXO and EXO-Ls are celebrating 6 years together and one subway train has gotten a complete makeover for the event!

The Xiumin themed subway train is taking a look back at the past 6 years with the oldest EXO member.


Many people worked on getting the Line 7 train decorated in time for the group’s anniversary.

And the train is expected to start running on April 9th!


Travelers can wander through four different themed cars.


The delicate pink walls, cheerful blue floors, cherry blossom designs, and pictures of Xiumin predebut are just too pretty!


And while the red-themed car may seem simple at first, it’s really not.


Is actually a birthday dedication to EXO’s oldest hyung.

Surely everyone who rides this car will remember his birthday!


Then there is this pretty blue car which is bringing the beach to the heart of Seoul!


It’s got that summertime vibe and some great pics of Xiumin at the beach.


The final car features a frosty look which honors Xiumin’s power in the EXO universe.

And who can get over that cute pun!


And a picture that highlights just what a visual Xiumin is!


So if you’re heading to Seoul make sure you check out this awesome subway train!

Source: Instiz