“XO, Kitty” Viewers Are “Obsessed” With The Show’s Unexpected Twist On Kitty’s Love Triangle

“From the teasers I completely got the wrong impression…”

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XO, Kitty, the spin-off series from the popular To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise, has finally been released on Netflix, and viewers couldn’t help but get invested in the fast-paced, K-Drama-inspired story.

Kitty in “XO, Kitty” | Netflix

The series follows the story of Kitty (Anna Cathcart) as she convinces her family to allow her to attend an international school in Seoul, Korea, to reunite with her boyfriend, Dae (Choi Min Young).

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However, their reunion doesn’t go as planned, as when Kitty arrives in Korea, she discovers that Dae has a girlfriend, Yuri Han (Gia Kim).

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In fact, the entire series focuses on the unpredictability of love and all the challenges that come with it as Kitty ends up with three potential romantic interests.

Her first love interest is Dae, of course, especially after it’s revealed that he’s not actually dating Yuri.

Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee) is her second love interest, who, as fans were able to predict from the trailer alone, plays a rich, enemies-to-lovers type love interest.

And her third love interest surprised viewers as Kitty starts on a journey to understand her sexuality after realizing she has feelings for Yuri, who is interested in Juliana (Regan Aliyah).

Although Kitty’s interest in Yuri surprised viewers, since it wasn’t hinted at in the trailers, fans are excited about the plot twist, especially since the purpose of XO, Kitty, is that Kitty is on a journey of self-discovery.

Viewers are celebrating how the series is exploring Kitty’s sexuality, bringing an important narrative to the screen.

And the unexpected addition of a third love interest has left viewers struggling to figure out their favorite ship. Although Netflix has not officially renewed XO, Kitty for a second season, the ending of the first certainly leaves plenty of questions for viewers.

Only time will tell what Kitty’s journey of self-discovery has in store.

XO, Kitty

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