Yang Hyun-Suk’s Criticisms Of His Female Idols’ Appearance Resurface Following His Resignation

Fans have been disappointed with the comments he has made

Yang Hyun-Suk’s resignation from all positions at YG Entertainment has shocked the K-Pop world, considering the company he founded has had widespread influence and success over the last few decades.

Some fans have been upset over his resignation, pointing to how he had pioneered the company and debuted many successful groups like BIGBANG2NE1 and BLACKPINK.

However, in the wake of his resignation and the scandals concerning YG Entertainment, many netizens have been bringing up Yang Hyun-Suk’s controversial remarks about his female artists.

In particular, many BLACKJACKs have been vocal about their distaste with Yang Hyun Suk’s comments about 2NE1.

When BIGBANG and 2NE1 appeared on “Strong Heart” in 2012, CL revealed on television that YG has directly called them ugly.

YG came to a concert rehearsal once. When we do a rehearsal we don’t put on any makeup. He looked from afar into the screen and said “Ah… They are really ugly.” In front of all the staff! I was a bit disappointed.

Although YG Entertainment has typically branded itself as a company based on talent over visuals, fans have been disappointed with his focus on appearance with his female artists.

On 2NE1 TV, there were several occasions where YG directly told members of 2NE1 they were ugly.

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Additionally, CL has revealed in an interview with Elle in 2013 that YG had asked her to get plastic surgery before she debuted, but she refused to do so, saying she enjoyed how she naturally looked.

Furthermore, AKMU’s Suhyun stated on Happy Together in 2016 that YG had asked her if she wanted to get a nosejob.

Like CL, Suhyun refused by responding that she was satisfied that she had two nostrils that helped her breathe.

Another female artist, Lee Hi also revealed that YG has criticised her appearance, while on Healing Camp.

He even says, “You’re ugly … Hayi, what are you?”

Furthermore, fans have not been impressed with YG’s statements where he called BLACKPINK a prettier version of 2NE1 upon BLACKPINK’s debut.

I tried to make the YG version of a girl group like I did with 2NE1. But this time I wanted the girls to look pretty too, with skills.

Unfortunately, these comments may have affected the psyche of some of his artists, with Minzy revealing in an interview with Billboard that comments about her appearance were detrimental to her self-esteem when she was only a teenager.

“We were the ‘ugly group.’ I didn’t know how to process that, I held that in. It was tough. [As a group], we pretended it was not a big deal and tried to forget about it, but you can’t forget about it — it’s tough.

Fans of YG Entertainment’s female artists have been disappointed with the comments that Yang Hyun-Suk has made over the years and have been concerned about the impact such words may have.

However, in the eyes of fans, not only are their female idols beautiful and talented, but they are perfect just the way they are.

While there has always been an emphasis on the visuals of female idols, fans hope that beauty standards will continue to become more accommodating and that female artists will be uplifted based on their talents rather than their appearance.