Yang Se Hyung Tried to Do a Good Deed for a Newlywed Couple, but It Backfired

He thought the newlywed couple was Korean.

Yang Se Hyung recently shared a sad story about how an attempted good deed backfired on him.

On Instagram, he wrote, “I was having fun on my phone in the airport lounge until not long ago. I’m going back home from Spain.

He continued, “It’s a flight with a 3-hour layover, and I spotted a newlywed couple that spoke Korean, who traveled with me this whole time.

Yang Se Hyung explained, “It was a 25-minute walk to the boarding gates, and it was time to board. But the couple must have been tired because they were both sound asleep.

He added, “I assumed they would get up, but I had a feeling they wouldn’t. So I went back to wake them up. But they turned out to be Chinese who spoke Korean.

It turned out that the couple wasn’t going back to Korea, so Yang Se Hyung headed back to the gates. But then something else happened.

He shared, “I still had 20 minutes until takeoff, but they blocked the gates and told me to catch the next one. So I have to wait 12 hours until the next flight.

Yang Se Hyung vented, “I didn’t even do a good deed. I woke up a sleeping couple for nothing. I’m not leaving this spot, just in case I miss it again.

Source: Dispatch