Kangnam Reveals the True Reason Behind M.I.B’s Disbandment

On January 24, M.I.B‘s Kangnam guested on SBS Power FM‘s “The Cultwo Show” and revealed that the real reason of M.I.B’s disbandment was debt.

On this particular episode, the hosts of the radio show asked Kangnam how he had come to perform in South Korea, as he is originally from Japan.

Kangnam told the hosts that he got personally cast by the CEO of their agency for M.I.B but after answering that question, Kangnam with no warning also revealed that due to debt, they had to disband.

“The CEO found and cast me while he was in Japan and tI came to Korea to debut. When we were initially active as artists, we didn’t do too well so our debt was incredible. That’s why we disbanded…

In our debut days, we were told not to speak on variety shows and maintain our mysterious image. I was considered handsome back then. But I think it was good that we started speaking more actively on those shows. We did well on them.”

When asked if he had any plans on continuing as an artist, he revealed that there might be a solo album in preparation for release during June or July of this year.

Source: OSEN