It’s Been A Year Since BTS’s Vogue Interview And They’ve Definitely Proved Their Hater Wrong

American ARMYs are stronger than ever.

A year ago today BTS had their famous interview with Vogue where a reporter accompanied them in Los Angeles for a day.

A distressing part of this long-form interview was when a particularly aggressive cameraman accosted BTS and made a hurtful comment.

They took it well though, joking about the whole thing moments after it happened.

And they have certainly proved him wrong as they have achieved countless milestones since this incident occurred and are more popular than ever in the United States.

They became the first ever Korean act to hold a stadium concert in the United States when they sold out Citi Field in October.

In addition to their Citi Field concert, they sold out every other American date on their tour as well. Pretty good for a group which was supposed to lose all of its American fans.

Their album “Love Yourself: Tear” was nominated for a grammy, in the category for Best Recording Package.

BTS Becomes The First K-Pop Act To Receive A GRAMMY Nomination

Their cinema debut “Burn the Stage: The Movie” is the highest grossing concert film of all time.

BTS Just Broke Another Record With “Burn The Stage: The Movie”

They made a very moving speech at the UN and spoke to the youth of the world on a massive platform.

BTS Talks About “Speaking Yourself” At United Nations General Assembly

As well as the hundreds of domestic and international accolades that they have received since the Vogue interview.

BTS Is The Most-Awarded K-Pop Group In 2018

BTS wasn’t bothered by the man’s comments and neither were ARMY who watched as BTS broke record after record and allowed their talent to shine across the United States.

Source: Vogue