Yeo Jin Goo’s ID Photo from When He Was a Baby Proves He Hasn’t Changed One Bit

That’s definitely Yeo Jin Goo in baby form.

It’s common knowledge that Yeo Jin Goo is a handsome actor known for his stunning visuals on top of his great acting ability, but the internet recently discovered proof that he has always looked like that since he was a baby.

Yeo Jin Goo’s ID photo from when he was a baby has gone viral in various online communities.

The shared photo shows baby Yeo Jin Goo smiling brightly and looking adorable as ever.

His facial expression was full of playful charms while his facial features screamed, “Yeo Jin Goo.

Fans who have seen the photo have been reacting with comments such as “He’s always been handsome“, “It’s Yeo Jin Goo with a different feel“, and “He was charming every step of the way“.

Source: Insight