Yeo Jin Goo Gets Called a Middle-Aged Man at Just 23 Years Old

He wants to be called “Oppa” instead.

Yeo Jin Goo recently participated in a post-drama interview at a cafe in Gangnam following tvN’s The Crowned Clown.


During the interview, Yeo Jin Goo shared that he was once shocked when a fan addressed him as a middle-aged man by calling him “Mister” when he’s so used to being called “Oppa” by his fans.

Despite only being 23 years old, Yeo Jin Goo has always been called “Jin Goo Oppa” for his mature and manly image. And he explained that he liked the nickname, but never felt the need to protect it.

This all changed when Yeo Jin Goo was on the set of The Crowned Clown and female middle school students approached him while calling him “Mister”.

Regarding this incident, Yeo Jin Goo expressed, “That’s when I realized that my nickname, ‘Jin Goo Oppa’ is very precious. I’d better work harder to protect it.

Source: Insight