Yeo Jin Goo Was Once Asked What Working With IU Was Like, Here’s How He Responded

Yeo Jin Goo gave quite the sweet answer.

IU and Yeo Jin Goo were quite the couple in Hotel del Luna.

Yeo Jin Goo once revealed in an interview what working with IU was like. Even before they got paired up in Hotel del Luna, Yeo Jin Goo always admired IU.

Even though Yeo Jin Goo is quite a shy person, he made an effort to try and approach IU as much as he could. IU responded warmly to Yeo Jin Goo, which he was thankful for.

IU’s overall personality made it easy for the two to get close, and it allowed them to form great chemistry.

The two got comfortable to the point where they constantly joked around with each other during filming.

It’s not just IU that Yeo Jin Goo got close with, the whole cast of Hotel del Luna shares a close bond.

Here is the full video below!