Yeo Jin Goo Leaves for Vacation Looking like a Handsome University Professor

Is that really you, Jin Goo… I mean, Professor Yeo?

Yeo Jin Goo and his fellow Hotel Del Luna cast members were recently spotted at Incheon International Airport heading out for vacation, and fans couldn’t get enough of his new airport fashion.

Yeo Jin Goo was seen in a white button-up shirt and metal glasses that made him look like either a Ph.D. student or a university professor.

By keeping his hair down and smiling at all his fans in a friendly manner, Yeo Jin Goo gave off a vibe that fans couldn’t help but fall in love with.

The look that he flaunted at the airport was so different from what fans were used to seeing on TV, that he would have been almost unrecognizable without his crew.

Sure, this look was pretty unexpected as Yeo Jin Goo’s airport fashion, but it suited him so well that fans are probably hoping for some more “Professor Yeo” appearances in the future.


Source: Insight