Yeo Jin Goo’s Has Transformed From Child Actor To Leading Heartthrob

He rose to fame as an actor when he was very young, but his sudden transformation from a child into a man has left fans shook!

Debuting as an actor way back in 2005 when he was just 8 years old, Yeo Jin Goo has come a long way since – both in his acting and in himself, and photos from his recent appearances show just how much he’s really changed.

Check out these before and after photos of Yeo Jin Goo to see the difference!


You may remember Yeo Jin Goo from his debut in Sad Movie when he looked like this.

He grew up quickly before our very eyes.

Very quickly indeed.

Back in 2013, he still looked young and child-like!

His face still had that childlike roundness to it!
He certainly looked his age back then.
What a cutie!
At just 15, he was adorable!


Nowadays, he’s looking more and more manly!

Yeo Jin Goo was already starting to look quite mature in 2015.
His baby face is no longer!
He looks more and more grown up!
Fans are loving his transformation!
What a handsome guy he’s become!