Yeri Reveals Red Velvet And EXO Teamed Up To Make Her Cry When She Was 12

They pulled a prank on her.

During a live broadcast, Red Velvet‘s Yeri was asked by a viewer to tell a funny story from her trainee days, and she quickly recalled a moment when she’d been brought to tears by her fellow trainees.

When I was in 6th grade… we were in our practice room. Irene and Seulgi were there. I was in elementary school. EXO was there too. We were all trainees, it was my birthday that day.” — Yeri


They told her to go in a dark room and take a time-out as punishment, but it was really so she wouldn’t be in the same room while they prepared her surprise.

They told me to go into a dark room and have a time out as punishment. I cried because I was so scared! I was having a time out… But it was for a surprise party. They were hiding in the practice room and came out to surprise me. They gave me a cake and sung happy birthday to me. There were Red Velvet and EXO members.”


She then went on to share how happy it had made her. “It brings back memories.. that was a long time ago. It’s a happy memory, that’s why I told you about it. I can’t forget that birthday.”

That’s certainly one birthday that Yeri will always remember!