Yeri Shares Secret Recipe To Make Delicious Food In Under 1 Minute

In an episode of Raid the Convenience Store, Yeri shared her secret recipe using red chilli pepper paste with vinegar.

She explained that she loved mixing foods and adding a squeeze of the paste on to everything she ate.

Yeri then decided to share one of her favorite recipes using the paste and teach the cast how to make it.

First, she cooks some instant Jjapaghetti noodles and drains the water.

Then, she starts cooking an egg sunny side up to add in the last step.

Next, Yeri adds the Jjapaghetti flavor packet, canned tuna, and Korean triangular kimbap, and mixes it all together.

She also likes to add a touch of sesame oil to add a rich and nutty flavor, and some string cheese!

Finally, she adds in her favorite red chilli pepper paste with vinegar to taste, and places the egg on top.

While the other cast members of the show highly anticipated her recipe, the Red Velvet members’ faces told a different story.

Regardless, they all decided to taste it, and while it didn’t look too appetizing, some of the cast members were pleasantly surprised!

“It tastes like if Colombus discovered new land. I don’t know what it is. It’s a completely new flavor.”

— Tony Ahn

Watch the full video below and learn how to make Yeri’s special dish!