Yeri and Wendy freak out when they see Taeyeon in person

Red Velvet’s Wendy and Yeri freaked out when Taeyeon suprised them during a livestream.

There have been many instances where the members of groups Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet showed their love for each other. Both groups are under SM Entertainment and often can be seen showing each other support by taking photos of together or posting about each other’s promotions.

Their support for each other is so strong, they still get excited to see each other.

Taeyeon Surprised Red Velvet

Red Velvet was so surprised they freaked out when they saw her.

They promoted Seohyun’s “Don’t Say No”

When Seohyun released her debut song, “Don’t Say No,” the Red Velvet members posted the song on their Instagram and showed their love.

너무멋지고 예쁜 서현언니 솔로앨범?항상좋아해요언니??#서현#DontSayNo#Seohyun

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Seohyun’s returned support for “Rookie”

Seohyun supported her juniors as well as she posed with them while holding the “Rookie” album.

귀요미 레벨이들~~앨범 고마워어? Rookie!!통통튀는 레벨 이번 노래두 응원할게??????

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Red Velvet Has Girls’ Generation Lightsticks

Red Velvet returned the favor as they visited Seohyun’s concert with lightsticks and fan signs. Seohyun posted this photo on her Instagram and thanked her juniors for showing their support.

Girls’ Generation Celebrated Yeri’s Birthday

Red Velvet also visited Taeyeon on Inkigayo the day of Yeri‘s birthday. Although Joy was absent due to her drama filming, Taeyeon made sure to give her a shoutout in her Instagram post.

“Presenting Sweeties! It’s 4AM and these pretty juniors came to support and cheer for me. I’m so happy and their support has motivated me to improve. Our Joy went to go shoot her drama. Thank you my little sisters! (dongsaengs) #redvelvet #yerihappybday #mybabies #mwahmwah”

They play pranks on each other

Fans got to see the two groups interact as Yuri even played a small prank on Yeri and Sooyoung on Joy!

Red Velvet was there for the comeback for “Party Time”

Groups who support each other’s comebacks are friends for life.

Seohyun supported Red Velvet’s Debut

Girls’ Generation has looked out for Red Velvet since debut.

Tiffany Took Selfies With Joy

Joy and Tiffany look like best friends in these photos.

joy baby ?? #과즙상

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Red Velvet Saw Girls’ Generation’s Show

Red Velvet had their lightsticks with them! / Source: SM Entertainment

They took silly photos together

Joy posed with Girls’ Generation members in a series of funny selfies. / Source: XportNews