Yesterday Was National #dnaday…And BTS Fans Did Exactly What You’d Expect

For A.R.M.Y, there’s only one kind of “DNA” worth celebrating!

National DNA Day commemorates three major historical events: the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953…and now BTS‘s “DNA” in 2017?


That’s right, A.R.M.Y highjacked the #DNADay hashtag to celebrate BTS’s hit single!


Since DNA Day is supposed to be a day where the public can learn about advances in genomics and genetics, A.R.M.Y shared images of seven specimens with ideal DNA.


Specimen 1:


Specimen 2:


Specimen 3:


Specimen 4:


Specimen 5:


Specimen 6:


Specimen 7:

Talks about good jeans…er…genes!


Once National DNA Day became International BTS Day, the tweets could not be stopped.


While the rest of the world was posting this:


BTS fans were posting this:


Even big names, like Billboard‘s Jeff Benjamin


…and John Cena, jumped aboard the runaway DNA train!


What kind of shenanigans will A.R.M.Y get into next?