YG Admits That Park Jin Young “Makes Better Girl Groups”

Yang Hyun Suk shows his respect for what Park Jin Young has done both as a singer and a producer.

Yang Hyun Suk recently had an interview with Yonhap News and he talked about fellow K-Pop Star judge Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment.

On Park Jin Young, he said:

“He is still active as a singer, and is a great producer and composer. TWICE is really popular nowadays and, one day in the waiting room for K-Pop Star, I told him ‘You make better girl groups than me’. But JYP’s groups Wonder Girls and TWICE have very different styles compared to YG’s 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, so in regards to girl group diversity, it seems like a good thing [to be different].”

JYP Girl Groups compared to YG Girl Groups.

Yang Hyun Suk continued “Park Jin Young is a very pure person. Even if I like something, I don’t show my expressions often, but Park Jin Young is the type of person to always show his feelings on something. K-Pop Star is fun because of him.”

Source: Yonhap