YG and SM Are So Different Even Their Mascots Are Polar Opposites

Both SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have their own cute bear mascots.

SM Entertainment has a mascot called SMile, a cute pink blob of a bear.

SMile is a little clumsy, very cute, and bright pink.

Like the name implies, SMile is always smiling and happy to be a part of something!

SMile represents how SM displays their artists and general aesthetic, easy, pink, and comforting.

YG Entertainment takes an opposite approach.

Alongside YG’s cultivated hip-hop aesthetics, Krunk, their mascot matches.

Krunk, in direct opposite of SMile, is blue in color and holds a “cool style” attitude.

Krunk also has an all-business face that shows he knows how to throw a serious party  – much like YG’s own artists!

The two totally different mascots each match the different aesthetics of their companies, showing exactly which each strives for in their K-Pop goals.