BLACKPINK Members Laugh Uncontrollably at Their Own Commercial

Jisoo covered her mouth when she saw it.

The 2018 Melon Music Awards took place last month, and it was attended by top K-Pop groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and MAMAMOO.

The participating stars were seen sitting together and enjoying the awards ceremony.

During a break, a commercial popped up onto the screen which drew all of the stars’ attention.

The refreshing voice coming from the footage was that of a makeup commercial that Rosé and Jisoo filmed together.

Rosé noticed it first and then let Jisoo know of what was playing on the screen.

When Jisoo realized that it was their commercial, she closed her eyes and covered her mouth out of embarrassment.

Jennie and Lisa were also seen laughing hysterically and making fun of Rosé and Jisoo.

Join in on the laughter by watching the footage below:

Source: Insight


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