[★TRENDING] YG Claims This 11 Year Old Boy Is More Talented Than G-Dragon

K-POP STAR 6 contestant Park Hyun Jin impressed the judges of the show with his amazing talent in both singing and dancing.

A young contestant on K-Pop Star 6 contestant impressed all three judges on the show on the latest episode of K-Pop Star.

The talent of this young boy was such that CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jin Young described him as “Scary”.

After singing a beautiful rendition of Kim Gun Mo‘s “The day we broke up,” Park Hyun Jin continued to shock the judges with his talent in dancing.

After listening to his vocals and witnessing his dance moves, CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Seok said,

“This is dance. This isn’t moves that you learn at an academy step by step but real dance that comes out when you immerse yourself in music.”

Park Jin Young added his opinion with the statement below.

 “A lot of people may think that his vocals and dance were both average. He didn’t sing in an impactful way or dance in such a way either. But it came so naturally, his lyrics came out smoothly and his dance moves came out effortlessly. I always say that you have to sing and dance effortlessly and this is the definition of what I always try to say. He doesn’t overdo anything to make himself look better because he is confident. The speed at which a guy like this learns when you begin to teach him is unbelievable.”

Judge Yoo Hee Yeol continued to ask if he had ever had a teacher and Park Hyun Jin answered that he had never had a teacher.

At this point JYP asked YG if the boy scared him and YG answered,

“Yes, he scares me. I can’t help but compare this boy to GD because GD came into YG at 13. GD however was not as good as dancing at 13 and GD rapped but couldn’t sing nearly as well as him at the time either.”

JYP finalised their impression of his performance with one simple sentence.

“This boy right here will become the future of K-Pop”

Watch the performance of Park Hyun Jin down below: