YG Criticized This Rookie Boy Group, their response left him speechless

A.C.E’s Donghun shut down Yang Hyun Seok’s comments about male idols wearing hot pants during JTBC’s Mix Nine.

Three members of A.C.E appeared on the show to audition in front of Yang Hyun Seok, the founder of YG Entertainment.

Yang Hyun Seok mentioned how A.C.E frequently wore short shorts, which is pretty unusual for a boy band.

“I heard that you uniquely wear hot pants.

Even I think that hot pants are quite confusing…”

— Yang Hyun Seok


But Donghun left YG speechless by referring to Winner’s latest concept.

“But even WINNER sunbaenims wore hot pants for their recent ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’ promotions.”

— Donghun


WINNER had indeed worn short shorts for their recent comeback!

Even so, A.C.E. revealed that they also felt burdened by their concept.

“We were cursed out at a lot because of the hot pants.

‘Are you seriously doing that as men?’

But they gave A.C.E another glance because of it.

We did anything we could to gain even a little bit more attention.

No matter how embarrassing it was.”

— Donghun

Fortunately, Donghun’s comeback was not the only thing that made YG speechless.

Yang Hyun Seok praised their outstanding performance, as all three members of A.C.E moved onto the next round.


Check out A.C.E’s full audition below.