YG Entertainment Once Abandoned An Artist In America… Until He Stormed Back Into The CEO’s Office

This artist paved the way for future YG Entertainment artists.

Yang Hyun Suk, former head of his self-named entertainment company YG Entertainment, once abandoned one of his then-top artists in America back in 2008.

Yang Hyun Suk & YG Entertainment Logo

It sounds made up — but it’s true! Back in 2008, Yang abandoned SE7EN in the USA when they started focusing on trying to break into the US market.


In fact, it was so bad that fans often joked about the fact that SE7EN had to resort to talking to squirrels because he was abandoned by his agency in a foreign country.

But seriously, this is the picture he tweeted:

Source: SE7EN/Twitter

SE7EN’s foray into the US market was a big deal, with the agency even holding a press conference for it ahead of the advancement. He even had the opportunity to work with hip-hop icon, Lil Kim!

After some time, SE7EN eventually traveled back to Korea — completely unannounced — and stormed into Yang’s office. What was said is unknown, however, he did have a Korean comeback shortly thereafter with the mini-album, titled Digital Bounce.

During SE7EN’s absence from South Korea, while he was trying to break into the American market, labelmates BIGBANG and 2NE1 were experiencing growing popularity. Their rising fame allegedly led his presence and popularity to wane.

2NE1 | Source: Mnet

Although it’s been many years since Yang “abandoned” SE7EN in America, many K-Pop fans use this as an example of how the agency has repeatedly fumbled the bag with its biggest artists, including 2NE1 and BLACKPINK!

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