Hallyu Star Choi Ji Woo Got Married, But Nobody Knew About It Until She Revealed It Herself

Nobody knew about it until she announced it herself.

Choi Ji Woo is one of the original Hallyu stars, finding huge fame in Japan with the success Winter Sonata in 2002. She’s also had a very successful career following her iconic role.

The actress surprised fans all over the world when she announced on her official website her marriage to her non-celebrity partner of one year.

She announced she held a small, private wedding ceremony and apologized for not letting her fans know ahead of time.

I feel shy and nervous to be writing a letter in such a long time.

It may seem sudden but I have happy news to deliver. Today, March 29, is the day I promised a new start with my partner for life.

This afternoon, I had a quiet wedding ceremony with just my family members. Now, with the person I love, I will be starting a warm family. We will live prettily and happily while respecting and being considerate of each other.

While planning the wedding, it bothered my heart that I couldn’t deliver this news ahead of time. I should have let you know earlier. I had no choice but to be careful as I didn’t want to burden my family members and my partner who is not a public figure, so I ask for your understanding.

If those of you who have reliably supported me for so long can give my marriage your blessing then there will be no happier day than today. In the future, while remembering everyone’s love and support, I will work hard continue to show you good sides of myself as an actress. Thank you and I love you very much.

— Choi Ji Woo

She once publicly dated Lee Jin Wook after they starred in Air City together, but they called it quits after excessive media attention put a strain on their relationship — so it’s totally understandable that she decided to keep things hush-hush this time around.

| Air City

I don’t mind if the guy works in the entertainment industry, but I never want to go public with my relationship again.

— Choi Ji Woo

Her label, YG Entertainment, also shared some gorgeous photos for her fans as well.

| YG Entertainment
| YG Entertainment

It’s reported her dress was custom made by Lebanese designer Mohammed Ashi, whose fashion house Ashi Studio has been worn by stars like Janelle Monae, Fan Bing Bing, and Lady Gaga.

| YG Entertainment