YG Entertainment follows up on their denial that G-Dragon and Jooyeon are dating

YG Entertainment released an update statement in response to claims that G-Dragon is dating former After School member Jooyeon.

Netizens concluded that the two are dating after a series of social media posts.

YG Entertainment initially stated that they cannot confirm or deny it.

“We won’t comment on his private life.”

— YG Entertainment

But added more detail in an updated statement.

“They aren’t dating.

The two know each other as colleagues.

The photos taken from Hawaii were from an event which they attended with similar acquaintances.” 

-YG Entertainment

Jooyeon’s agency also addressed their stance on the rumors.

“We heard about the dating rumors between Lee Jooyeon and G-Dragon.

It’s hard to confirm anything because it is her private life.”

— Better Ent

Speculations that the two were dating started circulating when a video of them together leaked online. 

G-Dragon and Lee Jooyeon Rumored To Be Dating

And investigative fans were able to link a few common posts posted separately on their respective Instagram accounts. 

Fans Find More “Evidence” That G-Dragon And Lee Jooyeon Are In A Relationship

It appears the two are just simply good friends with similar interests and hobbies.

Source: StarNewsXSportsNews