The YG Entertainment Idol That Left Super Junior’s Leeteuk Stunned By Their Visuals And Voice

Leeteuk stopped MC-ing to give them ALL the compliments.

As a veteran idol who’s been active for over fifteen years, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has seen many of the K-Pop industry’s prettiest and most handsome idols.

Leeteuk | @xxteukxx/Instagram

When he interviewed YG Entertainment‘s group iKON, there was a member who left him so amazed that he stopped MC-ing just to keep giving the idol compliments.


When talking with the group on Hidden Track 2, Leeteuk couldn’t continue without complimenting Yunhyeong‘s visuals. Leeteuk said, “I was looking at Yunhyeong when he speaks, and he looks like an actor.

It was such an unexpected compliment that they didn’t know quite how to react, soon cracking smiles. Yunhyeong laughed as he thanked Leeteuk. Leeteuk wasn’t finished quite yet.

Making the members’ smiles widen even more, Leeteuk said, “Your face feels like actors on morning dramas.” That wasn’t the end of Leeteuk’s compliments, either.

Leeteuk was just as pleased with the idol’s vocal tone. He added, “Your voice is charming.

By then, the iKON members poked a bit of fun at Yunhyeong, claiming he’d deepened his voice to sound more appealing.

For an experienced idol like Leeteuk to stop MC-ing just to shower Yunhyeong with compliments means a lot.