YG Entertainment’s New Building Receiving Backlash From Community

Community members are not pleased with the construction:

YG Entertainment‘s new building has literally been years in the making and while many people have shown excitement over the expanded size, there are many more people who are not loving the new building.


Last year, Yang Hyun Suk posted the very first previews of the company’s brand new headquarters. YG Entertainment had bought out the land next to their current headquarters in Mapo-gu where the new building is being built and when people saw the final design for the newest building they were absolutely stunned.


The futuristic place promised a new synergy between various divisions and department staff who would finally be able to work together in one space.


When it was first introduced it was applauded for its stunning design but as construction gets going, more and more people have responded negatively to it. With plans to finish the building this year, some members of the Mapo-gu community have put up a giant banner listing in both Korean and English the negative effects they believe the new building would cause.

YG, Yang Hyun Suk, come to your senses!! Is only Yang Hyun Suk’s business important? Is the right of our residents insignificant?

Don’t build the entrance to your building’s parking lot in front of other people’s living rooms! Move the entrance to the parking lot next to your old office building instead. Solve the problem of car exhaust and dust coming from your building!!!

We, living in the sun, won’t be able to see the sun or moon because of YG’s new building. Stop being arrogant. We will deal with it through the media if we have to!!

— Banner


Despite their protests, the building is in compliance with building law according to the Mapo-gu office however residents are still hopeful that some kind of resolution can be made so that both parties can feel good about the new building.