How Do YG Entertainment Trainees Stay In Shape? BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Reveals The Ab Workout Routine She Does Every Day

…and this is considered the warm-up!

On February 27, YG Entertainment released the introduction video for Ahyeon, a member of the upcoming and highly anticipated girl group BABYMONSTER.

Ahyeon | YG Entertainment

The video revealed an 11-year-old Ahyeon auditioning for YG Entertainment in 2018, where she stood out as a bubbly girl with a pure and sweet voice and cute facial expressions.

| YG Entertainment

Her singing voice may be sweet,  but she can also sing powerfully. In a video of her singing “All My Friends” by Snakehips, we hear her R&B style of singing—when she suddenly surprises us with her powerful rap.

Her well-roundedness doesn’t stop there; in addition to her singing and rapping skills, Ahyeon is also a powerful dancer.

Ahyeon (left) and Leejung Lee (right) | YG Entertainment

Dancer and choreographer Leejung Lee named her the member with the best control in BABYMONSTER for her ability to “go weak here and then give power here” and “give impact here and then loosen it up” while dancing.

Through the video, we learned that Ahyeon is a multitalented trainee who is excellent at singing, dancing, being trilingual, and rapping. It was her workout “warmup,” however, that impressed viewers.

In the video, Ahyeon revealed that she does 800 situps a day as a warmup before dance practice. She does 100 situps in eight different positions, some including putting her legs up in the air and lying on her side.

Then Ahyeon completed the full ab workout with another trainee and explained why she does this every day.

In order to keep my dance moves clean, I need to be energetic so I do 800 sit-ups as an ab workout to grow my strength.

— Ahyeon

It’s no wonder that Ahyeon is able to have so much control while dancing—it’s her hard-earned core strength!

Watch the full video to be inspired by Ahyeon and her ab workout routine.


Source: YouTube