YG Entertainment Trainees Criticize Their Company For Lack Of Support On “Youth With You”

Looks like they may have confirmed the new YG girl group’s name too.

When YG Entertainment trainees Jane Wang and Vicky Wei performed on the most recent episode of Chinese survival show Youth With You, they revealed some shocking truths about their company’s lack of support.

Jane and Vicky are participating on the show under Shining Star Entertainment, the Chinese division of YG Entertainment.

When Jane and Vicky began their evaluation, they introduced themselves as Baby Monster—the name YG Entertainment recently trademarked, along with BaeMon. As such, it looks like there’s a good chance this name will be used for the company’s new girl group.

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The two trainees then gave an amazing performance to a song called “Hustle”.

But when it came to their evaluation interview, things weren’t so positive. Jane and Vicky actually used the time to criticize their company

Unlike the other trainees on Youth With You, who got to perform in flashy costumes, Jane and Vicky felt that the ones they ended up with were drab in comparison.

Perhaps that’s because, unlike the other participants, these two trainees had to choose their own costumes.

Among all the trainees, we are the ones with the simplest costumes. All the other trainees would say to us, “I really want to dress like you, it seems very convenient for dancing”. Right.

— Jane Wang

But that wasn’t the only problem. It seems that YG Entertainment didn’t even provide Jane and Vicky with a song to perform to. Their song was actually written for them by someone else at the company, who gave it to them as a free gift. Jane then edited the accompaniment track herself.

The two trainees wanted to perform a different song, but they were told by the crew that it would incur copyright fees. When the crew asked Jane and Vicky whether their company would pay for the song rights, they ended up fumbling in their own pockets. Ultimately, due to the high cost, they decided not to give an extra performance.

Jane and Vicky weren’t even given a company logo to display on the show. The Youth With You crew ended up making them a quick, basic logo to get them through.

The two trainees ultimately joked that their company is short of funds, so they became their own CEO and manager.

Our company is poor, and we are resourceful.

— Vicky Wei

Thankfully, the girls kept their spirits high despite the lack of support from YG Entertainment’s Shining Star division.

We’ll definitely win. At least we have the confidence. We do indeed.

— Vicky Wei