YG Entertainment Vocal Trainer Gives Two Realistic Tips For Passing An Audition

Following either one would make it easy to pass.

As a K-Pop vocal trainer, Sol Lee has worked with many entertainment companies, whether they were brand new or well-established like JYP Entertainment. When speaking with her good friend Gina Maeng, she shared two tips for anyone hoping to pass an audition.

Pre-debut ITZY’s Ryujin auditioning for YG’s “MIXNINE.”

During her work at K-Pop agencies like YG Entertainment, Sol Lee confirmed she’d been an additional judge for multiple auditions. She noticed a pattern of the people who would pass.

Being candid about the audition process, Sol Lee pointed out the two ways someone was guaranteed to pass. She said, “Audition tip…be good or be pretty enough.” And if you had the full package, you’d pass for sure.

She even revealed how much importance companies place on visuals. Sol Lee added, “If you’re like breathtakingly stunning, you don’t need anything.

In fact, judges have seen so many auditions that Sol Lee admitted, “Even before you start singing, we know.” Because the unexpected does happen, she confirmed that she’d been surprised by how well someone sang. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear to be a common thing.

Judges can immediately determine if someone is the right fit for the company. Even from such a young age, YG Entertainment recognized BLACKPINK‘s Jennie‘s potential from her stable vocals and charisma. They then nurtured her as she grew into the talented artist she is now.

Source: YouTube