YG Entertainment’s Next Boy Group To Debut Soon, These are 3 of the members

YG announced that a new boy idol group will be debuting soon and everyone is dying to know who’ll make the team.

Through Mix Nine and Stray Kidz, a couple of the potential members were revealed!

1. Choi Raesung

He was just a little boy from a small town when he courageously auditioned for K-POP STAR Season 1.

YG calls Raesung a true artist and a genius. He learned composing songs, writing lyrics and producing all from YG’s infamous producer Teddy.

MILLENNIUM is his producer name and he partook in producing Bobby’s recent solo album.

2. Choi Hyunsuk

Choi Hyunsuk is the rapper of the trainees but he is not limited to one specialty.

Even JYP was blown away by Hyunsuk’s dancing skills and praised him for his born talent in Mix Nine.

Choi Hyunsuk says he has a lot to prove and that the audience won’t regret supporting him.

3. Bang Yedam

Bang Yedam stole Korea’s heart back in KPOP STAR Season 2 and everyone is shocked by how much he has grown since then!

This Boy Might Be the Youngest YG Entertainment Idol To Ever Debut

He exceeded everyone’s expectation when he performed “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” by Shawn Mende in MIX NINE.

Check out his performance here:

With only a portion of YG’s trainee’s talents revealed, fans are super excited to see what gems YG has been hiding all this time.

Source: Naver