Here Is What We Know So Far About YG Entertainment’s Upcoming Japanese Girl Group XG

They’re definitely a group to watch out for!

While you might have heard that YG Entertainment is working on debuting a new K-Pop girl group, did you know that they’ve been working on a Japanese girl group as well? In collaboration with the Japanese company AVEX Group, YG Entertainment (under the combined label XGALX) has been preparing for the new group since 2017.

The girl group is called XG, and currently has a seven-member line-up. While Kep1er‘s Hikaru was also originally part of the line-up, her placement on Girls Planet 999 that landed her in her current group has put her debut with XG on hold, though there are plans for her to join them once her time with Kep1er is complete. The debut date for XG is planned to be March 18, 2022.

In the last couple of weeks, XGALX has released two dance teasers for XG…

A vocal teaser…

And a rap teaser.

As for the members themselves, there isn’t a lot of information available about all of them, but here is what we know about the seven trainees so far!

Jurin was the first member to be revealed, which happened on January 29, 2022. She was born in Kanagawa, Japan on June 19, 2002 — making her 19 years old — and is listed as a rapper of the group. She’s a former fashion model, which was her childhood dream, and she’s also a professional snowboarder!

Chisa was the second member revealed on January 30, and she’s listed as the main vocalist of XG. She was born on January 17, 2002 in Osaka, Japan, making her the oldest member of the group at 20 years old! She is also a former model, as well as an actress.

Cocona was the third member revealed on January 31. Listed as both a dancer and rapper in the group, she was born on December 7, 2005, making her just 16 years old and the second-youngest member of XG!

Hinata was the fourth member revealed on February 1. Little is known about her so far, except that she is 19 years old and was formerly rumored to be a YG Entertainment trainee. She also seems to have a dancer position in the group.

Maya was the fifth member to be revealed on February 2, and she is also the maknae of XG as she was born on August 10, 2006, making her only 15 years old! Like others in the group, little else is known about her so far.

Juria was the sixth member of the group to be revealed on February 3. She was born in Osaka, Japan on November 28, 2004 — making her 17 years old — and has a main vocalist position in XG. She’s a former member of the idol group Amorecarina, which she graduated from in 2015.

Finally, Harvey was the final member of XG to be revealed on February 4. She’s listed as a rapper of the group, and was born in Tokyo, Japan on December 18, 2002, making her 19 years old. Her father is Australian while her mother is Japanese, and she is also a former model.

Make sure to keep an eye out for this undoubtedly talented group’s debut!