YG Fails A MIX9 Contestant, But He Wasn’t Ready For What She Was Going To Say

KQ Entertainment’s Park Ji Yeon completely shocked Yang Hyun Suk by talking back to him and cutting him off mid-sentence.

In a recent episode of MIXNINE, Yang Hyun Suk informed Park Ji Yeon that she didn’t qualify.

In response, she appeared to question his decision and asked him, “So I didn’t make it? Is everyone better than me?”

Yang Hyun Suk was rendered speechless at her response, to which she pressed on:

“Are they really all better than me?”

— Park Ji Yeon

He stared at her in disbelief and answered, “Yes, if you watched the broadcasts…” but was interrupted by her mid-sentence.

“I understand.”

— Park Ji Yeon

What did you think of Park Ji Yeon’s performance? Watch it below.

Source: Pann