These Are The Most Expensive Phone Cases In The World and YG Artists Own Them

One case is more than some people make in a year…

Dara has shown off her luxurious phone case on Instagram. The case, from a luxury fashion company called G-Brand, is made from solid gold and costs around $5033 USD!

Not surprisingly, G-Dragon’s phone case is also at the height of luxury. Even without the phone, it costs $8895 USD! The case itself is made from pure gold and has been customized by adding diamonds all over the case!

Seungri’s phone case is made from 24 karat gold, molded into the shape of a gold bar. While the exact price is unknown, 1 gram of 24 karat gold costs around $50 USD, so adding that up for a full phone case is certainly too much for all but YG’s elite stars!

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