YG Model Lee Sung Kyung Proves You Can Be Sexy As Hell Without Showing Too Much Skin

In a recent pictorial shoot, YG Entertainment model Lee Sung Kyung shows off her sex appeal without exposure.

Many idols, celebrities and models are often criticized by the public due to showing too much skin in order to pull off the sexy concept. Many fans claim that exposure isn’t the key to sex appeal and are often offended by women being objectified. But does YG Entertainment model Lee Sung Kyung show a way to pull off a sexy concept without exposure in this recent pictorial shoot?

Check out the photos of YG model Lee Sung Kyung below!

Kind off see through shirt yet not showing too much skin

Lee Sung Kyung’s proportions are off the charts!

Wow this is very sexy

Innocent yet sexy

Showing off them long legs!

Gotta love females wearing long dress shirts

Her stare is captivating!

Source: Instiz