YG Offers 3 Year Contract To MIXNINE Winning Team, Netizens Think He’s “Insane”

Is YG really crazy?

After JTBC‘s MIXNINE received concluded with extremely low ratings, many people wondered if the group from the show would even debut. YG has finally made his move and offered a 3-year contract to the winning team.


The project unit was originally expected to promote for 7 months while touring over 15 countries. Shortly after the end of the show, insiders believed the group would only be together for 4 months. But now, YG has offered a 3 year promotion length.


His plan is for the group is to release an album every year for them. 6 months of the year, they will promote as MIXNINE, both in Korea and internationally. The other 6 months, the members can promote with their original company and group.


But both netizens and the members’ agencies think his idea is crazy. Several agencies believe 3 years is just too long, and netizens agree.

  • “Is he crazy? He’s basically telling the other agencies that he’s taking their trainees. Promoting for 3 years will mean they would’ve built up a fandom of their own by then. What does he expect their own agencies to do with that?”

  • “In 3 years, all their fame will be used up and people won’t care anymore.”

  • “It’s unfair to pick all the members and then suddenly be like ‘oh yeah, it’s going to be 3 years.’ No one wants to work like that.”

  • “Can he just admit that he doesn’t want them to debut, it’s unfair that he’s changing his mind. He knows that he’s going to suffer a loss on them and doesn’t want to invest anything so he’s just media playing to distract the hate on him.”

  • “3 years??? Is he insane? As if he’s going to support kids from another agency properly for 3 whole years. He barely keeps comeback dates for his own kids… ridiculous.”

  • “Yup, we’ll hear in a few months that all of the agencies rejected his offer so he can’t debut the group. I feel bad for the kids who had to suffer through months of difficult missions.”


Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk seems confident everything will work out with the MIXNINE Boys in the end.

“We must achieve win-win results. I will try hard. Please wait.” — Yang Hyun Suk

Source: Sports Seoul