YG Trainee’s Elimination On “YG Treasure Box” Breaks Viewers’ Hearts

Everyone was sad to see him go.

YG Entertainment‘s YG Treasure Box is just getting started, but this new survival reality show is already bringing viewers to tears.


YG Treasure Box revolves around the company’s “treasures” (trainees) and “treasure makers” (viewers), who will be able to help their favourite trainees on the show to debut. The trainees who make it to the end will be members of YG Entertainment’s highly anticipated new boy group.


In this teaser, Yang Hyun Suk revealed that his aim is to create a boy group with both top skills and top visuals.


The show will give fans an insider’s look into YG Entertainment’s unique training and debut process which includes casting, auditioning, and evaluations. Unfortunately, this also includes eliminations.


Viewers know that eliminations are part of the survival show process, but an unexpected one has left many brokenhearted. During the first episode, trainee Hwang Heo was called out of practice and eliminated from the show before the competition even began.


In a private room, two staff members struggled to relay the bad news to Hwang Heo.


They told Hwang Heo that the show’s main producer didn’t feel that his image matched with the group’s. As such, Hwang Heo would be removed from his team and from the competition.


Hwang Heo’s reaction was heartwrenching.


He began to cry…


…and so did the managers, knowing how hard he had worked to get to this point.


When Hwang Heo returned to the practice room, he shared a tearful goodbye with his fellow trainees.


Hwang Heo wasn’t the only trainee eliminated this episode; another trainee who had received a warning was eliminated from the competition for falling short of expectations.


Hwang Heo’s elimination didn’t sit well with many viewers. Many were heartbroken and felt that the reason for his elimination was unfair.


On November 23, viewers began to experience this heartbreak all over again, plus some, when YG Entertainment released the “reaction cam” for episode 1. In it, many of the trainees break down in tears while witnessing Hwang Heo’s elimination.


Although Hwang Heo’s time on YG Treasure Box was short, hopefully fans will have the opportunity to see this “treasure” shine in the future.


To see more of the YG Treasure Box trainees, check out the first episode here.