This YG Trainee Hasn’t Even Debuted But Is Rumored To Be Making $9000 A Month Already

You may have heard some of his songs already!

Choi Raesung, also known by his producing name Millenium, is already making six figures a year, thanks to his impressive composing skills.

He is currently part of YG Entertainment’s trainee lineup and has been confirmed to join YG Entertainment’s new boy group with Bang Yedam and Choi Hyunsuk.


Choi Raesung auditioned for K-Pop Star Season 1 but was eliminated after Round 3. Yang Hyun Suk noticed his talents though, and he joined YG Entertainment shortly after his elimination.


After joining YG Entertainment, he learned how to produce songs from Teddy, YG Entertainment’s main producer.

As a producer, he has helped compose and arrange Bobby’s “TENDAE”, “Alien”, “Secret”, and “Swim” from his first full album.


He has also produced iKON’s most recent comeback title tracks, “BLING BLING” and “LOVE SCENARIO”.


Most recently, he produced MIXNINE’s final mission track “COME OVER”.


Source: Osen and Instiz