YG Uses Profanity On National TV While Harshly Criticising Trainees

Yang Hyun Seok couldn’t hold in his anger when Park Jin Young had less than stellar critiques for YG trainees.

To keep things unbiased, Park Jin Young stood in as a judge for the YG trainees on JTBC’s Mix Nine.

Three male trainees showcased their singing, rapping, and dancing in front of the whole cast.

Yang Hyun Seok and BIGBANG’s Seungri were happy with the trainees’ performances.

But Park Jin Young was less than impressed by the rumored YG trainee-monsters.

“The lyrics you wrote aren’t special. It just feels like wordplay.”

— Park Jin Young

“Your dance needs serious work.

It feels like a wax statue dancing.”

— Park Jin Young

“You have a great body proportion, but why can’t you use it to your advantage?”

— Park Jin Young

After listening to Park Jin Young’s criticisms, Yang Hyun Seok couldn’t hold in his disappointment as he cursed on national TV.

“I’m really frustrated. ****!”

— Yang Hyun Seok

His expression completely changed as he revealed his frustration over the audition.

I’m very angry.

I’m so angry, I’m going to need to teach them how to talk first.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

But at the end, JYP decided to pass all three trainees onto the next round of auditions.

Fans of the show can’t wait to see whether the trainees will live up to YG’s legacy or crush under pressure.

Source: Dispatch