YGX’s Leejung Lee Once Couldn’t Understand A Fan’s Question About BLACKPINK’s Rosé Because She Hilariously Forgot Her Korean Name

The moment she realizes who Chaeyoung was is adorable!

YGX‘s Leejung Lee has been gaining a lot of attention lately with her appearance on Street Woman Fighter and for her friendship with several huge K-Pop groups! One good idol friend of hers is none other than BLACKPINK‘s Rosé.

Yell (far left), Jihyo (left), Leejung (center), Yeojin (right), and Isak (far right) | @ygx_official/Instagram

Leejung Lee is a part of YG Entertainment‘s YGX team and has worked with several idols such as SomiTWICE‘s Momo, and BLACKPINK’s Rosé.

| @leejung_lee/Instagram

Since Leejung Lee is close with many Rosé, many of her followers asked several questions about her during her recent Instagram live. One viewer asked, “Did you see Chaeyoung’s supportive message for you?

Leejung Lee was actually at a loss for words. All she could say was, “Chaeyoung?” It seems Leejung Lee couldn’t remember that Rosé’s Korean name is Chaeyoung and remained silent as she tried to figure out who the question was asking about.

It took a while but after some thinking, Leejung Lee finally remembered Rosé’s Korean name. Leejung Lee commented, “OOOH! You mean Rosé unnie! Of course, I saw it! I really appreciated that.”

Check out the clip below: