YMC Entertainment Accused of Making Wanna One Fans Buy Lunches For The Label’s Staff

YMC Entertainment has been accused of asking Wannable to purchase lunch for a large number of their label’s staff.

A notice was posted with the title “Meal Support Emergency Collection” on one of Wanna One’s fan cafes.

Source: KangDanielDaily

The notice said they needed to quickly prepare lunchboxes for Wanna One’s staff during their upcoming concert.

“As we are already preparing for the concerts on the 17th and the 23rd, we will also start urgently collecting funds to support the staff, as requested, for the concert on the 24th.”

— Wanna One Fancafe Member

The notice states that YMC requested over 100 extra lunchboxes, including the 11 members’ lunches, to be ordered.

One lunchbox was stated to cost anywhere from 10,000 won (~$10 USD) to 30,000 won (~$30 USD).

Fans began to voice their anger as they felt the YMC staff were treating Wannables as if they were an extra pair of wallets.

YMC claimed the situation was a matter of miscommunication.

“The company has never declared a minimum or maximum price for the lunchboxes for Wanna One and their staff.”

YMC Entertainment representative

Source: Seoul Searching

They further stated that since the fans were taking care of Wanna One’s concert staff on the 17th and 23rd, they were merely ensuring the staff for the additional concert date 24th would be taken care of as well.

“The agreement process with one fan cafe was communicated incorrectly and created a misunderstanding.”

YMC Entertainment

Although the miscommunication has been somewhat cleared up, YMC is still under scrutiny for not providing lunch for their own staff in the first place and expecting the fans to do so instead.

Source: Joongang, SE Daily