YOLO Classes Are The Hottest Trend In South Korea Right Now

Six years after the catchphrase “YOLO” was popularized by Drake and swept across the globe, South Korea has gotten on board but with its own unique twist.

In contrast to the western notion of YOLO, which promotes a certain recklessness in the service of getting the most out of life, the Korean version of YOLO promotes spending money and time on experiences in the present instead of living for the future.

Night kayaking—one of the many YOLO classes available for young Koreans.

In keeping with this updated version of YOLO, there is a new trend among the youth of Korea to take one-day classes, also known as YOLO classes.

Night-trekking through Seoul is a popular YOLO class.

YOLO classes are typically one-time workshops that run for a few hours and range from baking to night-kayaking.

The classes are gaining popularity for a number of reasons, not the least of which are that they are neither time-consuming nor expensive and they’re tons of fun. 

YOLO students can take a nighttime hike in Seoul…

Make their own beer…

Take pop-art-portrait-making classes…

Go for a run and then out for a drink, and everything in between.

Korea’s bringing “YOLO” back, but in a completely different way!

Source: KoreaExpose