Yonghee, Jinyoung, And BX Reveal How They Joined CIX

These CIX members share their story with Eric Nam!

CIX members Yonghee, Jinyoung, and BX reveal how they joined the group in the 100th episode of K-Pop Daeback with Eric Nam.

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Before CIX, Jinyoung was a member of Wanna One, a group formed during the second season of Produce 101. Jinyoung shared that after the group disbanded, he spoke to his company C9 Entertainment about being a part of a new group. At the time, he heard that Yonghee had joined the company as well, who graduated from the same middle school as he did. But even though they attended the same middle school, Yonghee shares that they weren’t super close.

Eric: Were you and Yonghee close friends in school?

Yonghee: I remember Jinyoung and who he was since we were in the same class. We shared some funny incidents, but he says he doesn’t remember them.

Eric: Really?

Yonghee: Even though we were in the same class! Definitely an OMG moment.

Jinyoung defended himself by saying they lived in different neighborhoods, so they didn’t have a reason to run into each other often.

Jinyoung | @CIX_twt/Twitter

As for BX, Jinyoung shared that he was looking for someone who could rap and dance, and thus met BX who joined because of his talents in those areas.

BX | @CIX_twt/Twitter

BX shared that he had wanted to become an idol ever since he was young, and persuaded his parents to let him pursue an idol career if he studied hard. He also revealed that he had actually done the audition in secret without telling his parents!

Yonghee | @CIX_twt/Twitter

Meanwhile Yonghee wanted to become an actor in high school, and had taken acting classes. But after joining C9 Entertainment and becoming a member of CIX, his plans were put on hold.

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