Yoo In Na Says This One Trick Will Definitely Help You Get Closer With Your Boyfriend

What’s the secret to spicing up your date life? The answer is simple.

Actress Yoo In Na suggests that “secrets” are the secret to winning the dating game!


On the latest episode of Sundabang, Yoo In Na tipped how you can bring the relationship closer on a date. Her trick is to talk about something personal and calling a secret!


Yoo In Na explained, “It’s hard to share an actual secret with someone you don’t know well” but there’s a know-how to that.

“So the trick is to talk about something that sounds personal. You could say something like, ‘This (item) actually belongs to my older sister, but she doesn’t know I’m using it today’ and make it sound like a secret.” — Yoo In Na


Yoo In Na pointed out it’s important to use the keyword “secret”, as the word itself carries the power to make people who share it to come closer together.

“By sharing a moment like that, the two people create a common memory. And because it feels like only the two are involved in the ‘secret’, it creates a sense of bond.” — Yoo In Na


Yoo In Na also mentioned people prefer to go on dates in the evenings.

“If I had the choice, I’d pick 7PM for my date. People prefer weekend or weekday evening dates over daytime dates.” — Yoo In Na


Though Yoo In Na was playfully teased for knowing so much from reading dating books, she did share useful tips that could be applied to your next date to make it more special!

Source: Dispatch