Yoo Seung Ho Adopts Adorable Homeless Kitties and Makes Them Almost Double in Size

Yoo Seung Ho is now a father of two little kitties.

Actor Yoo Seung Ho recently shared a photo of himself with his two new kitties, Gomi and Dori.

The two kitties in the photos can be seen looking adorable with huge eyes and fierce ears.

What particularly drew attention was how much the kitties have grown since Yoo Seung Ho first adopted them.

Just last month, Yoo Seung Ho discovered the two homeless kitties being fostered by a YouTuber called “gabsupasture” and decided to adopt them himself.

Even on the first day of the adoption, Yoo Seung Ho showed his love for the kitties by captioning a photo of them eating with “I hope we get along“.

For that reason, many fans are suspecting that the two kitties grew so much because of the love Yoo Seung Ho showered them with.

Here’s to hoping Yoo Seung Ho, Gomi, and Dori spend many happy times in the years to come!
Source: Dispatch