Yoo Seung Ho Revealed The Heartbreaking Reason Why He Thinks He Can’t Date

It’s far from the truth though.

During an interview, actor Yoo Seung Ho revealed that he yearns to date and have girlfriend. When he explained why he hasn’t been dating, however, fans hearts broke everywhere.

He explained the reason why he thinks the reason he isn’t dating anyone is because no girls like him.

I really want to date, but there are no girls, so I can’t date. I’m not lying, there are seriously no girls out there who likes me. Seriously.

— Yoo Seung Ho

Fans everywhere immediately came to his defense, saying that he has a bunch of female fans who love and adore him.

When Yoo Seung Ho was asked what he’d like to do with a potential girlfriend, he said that he hasn’t really thought of activities he’d like to do.

I’ve tried thinking about it, but I can’t think of anything. I just think it would be fun meeting up and simply talking to each other.

— Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho, you have many fans who’d gladly be your girlfriend!

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